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About the Owner




Hi! My name is Nayeli, I'm a crafty mama, always finding new ways to express my creativity! I'm a lover of true crime podcasts, coffee, and everything positive.

Crafts by Naye was nothing but a dream at the start of 2021. Although it was a very frightening but exciting thought, it was even scarier to have to leave my little babes in care of others for me to go back to work. Crafts by Naye was my loop hole, I would be able to stay home with my girls all while keeping busy, finally having something to call my own, and being able to create things that express me as a person, not just a mom.

Thanks to the community I found myself in and the most loving costumers I've met through the years I was able to continue this small dream and making it - what it is today. It wouldn't have been possible without everyone that's ever supported me even in the smallest ways, each and one of you played a huge roll in this dream and my heart.

I hope you find something that'll make you smile, thanks for being here! Always feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns. (: